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Murphy Solutions MN, LLC Success Stories

Construction Procurement Reform: Murphy Solutions MN, LLC led the way on behalf of the Associated General Contractors of Minnesota to reform the way the State of Minnesota delivers construction services. Despite strong opposition to any delivery method other than low bid, a coalition of building and design professions drafted legislation and pushed for innovation. Murphy Solutions MN, LLC met with numerous trade groups, public employee unions, State departments including the Department of Administration, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and the University of Minnesota to garner their support and waylay their fears. The law has been used numerous times since its adoption and has been widely viewed as a success both for the State of Minnesota and the construction community.

Regulation of Wireless Industry: On behalf of AT&T, Murphy Solutions MN, LLC worked tirelessly to defeat a poorly crafted piece of legislation that would have been disastrous to the wireless communication industry. Allying with other wireless providers we worked to make the proposed law workable, but in the end, it was found that the law was both unnecessary and problematic in any form. By providing fact based data and scenarios outlining the problems with the proposed law, Legislators were made aware of the reality and turned away the legislation. There have been additional attempts to resurrect other versions of the original draft; they have met similar ends.

Licensure of Interior Designers: On behalf of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Murphy Solutions MN, LLC has worked with other stake holders and key legislators to preserve the right for certified interior designers to practice their trade. For the past 4 years, proponents of the Licensure movement have fought hard to limit the practice of interior design. Murphy Solutions MN, LLC is proud to have worked with the NKBA to make our message heard and preserve a significant part of the design industry.

Building Jobs Coalition: Again on behalf of the Associated General Contractors of Minnesota, Murphy Solutions MN, LLC played a key role in passing legislation intended to stimulate the construction and design industries in this tough economic climate. We spearheaded a coalition of construction trades, design professionals, cities, economic development agencies, developers, and contractors to adopt a tax incentive based stimulus package for Minnesota's construction industry. We held numerous rallies at the Capitol with superb turnout and educated key legislators on the need for new opportunities. The law has been in effect for only a small time but the outlook is good for its success.